Boston Business Medley Wrap-Up: Part 1

On Friday, November 3rd, a group of students ventured into Boston for a set of site visits. Our first stop was to Boston Public Market and our second visit of the day was to Rapid 7.


We began our morning at the Boston Public Market located near Faneuil Hall.

Our tour guide, Sandy Sizer, guided us through this unique ORGANIC experience. Yes, all of the Boston Public Market carries only organic products and only made in NEW ENGLAND. It’s a first in the USA to have all organic supporting only one region in a year round facility. The Boston Public Market has been in existence for ten years.

We quickly realized how serious  and passionate the vendors are when we learned about the hydroponics process and how the fish vendors track their fish, through a monitor, and how these vendors are all held to a level of standards which include managing their businesses with a socially responsible mindset. Everything is recycled at the end of the day. They bring food to shelters and find other ways to recycle their goods.

Speaking of hydroponic growing, did you know, hydroponic lettuce, without chemicals, can last up to two weeks? That’s right. The reason that our lettuce from grocery stores only last a few days is because of all the chemicals they use to process the lettuce, and it weakens the lettuce. We learned about seeds, healthy nutrients, and micro minerals that are needed for the products to grow in ‘freight farm” in East Boston.

This was a worthwhile visit. When you visit Boston, go to the Boston Public Market, ask for a tour and purchase some yummy treats during the tour: the food is AMAZING!

Here are some pictures that will display the many different vendors located in the Boston Public Market. Can you imagine seeing a pumpkin that weighed over a thousand pounds? And how about those donuts! They smelled heavenly!

Stay tuned for part two of the Boston Business Medley Wrap-Up, which will discuss our visit to Rapid 7!

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy