The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing a Thank You Letter

After you have finally finished your long-awaited interview and you think that you’re all done with the employer—you’re not. Now it’s time to write a follow-up thank you note. Whether this comes in the form of a professionally crafted email or hand written delivered letter, thank you letters are incredibly important. Inspired by an article on, the following are some do’s and don’ts I recommend following for thank you letter success.

Now, what to do and what not to do:

DO: Give Specific Details

Since you are most likely applying to a handful of internships with different company’s over a wide range of industries, there is going to be a lot of variety within each interview. Be sure to tailor each thank you letter with specific details that make it personal to that specific employer, rather than writing a vague one that you use for each. Adding this authenticity will stand out to the employer and make your letter more favorable than the others.

DO: Recap One Highlight of Yourself

Put yourself in the interviewer’s position, they have probably seen at least ten or twenty equally qualified applicants all fighting for the same internship. Among the more competitive companies, this number can be close to fifty or more! So, in your thank you letter it is important to recap a highlight of yourself that was extremely pertinent to your individual application. From a previous outstanding internship to impressive project or highly developed skill, reminding them of your uniqueness and credibility.

DON’T: Mention Your Mistakes

If you accidentally made a mistake or little mishap during your interview, do not apologize for what it was. While this may sound counterintuitive, you want this thank you letter to remind them of how you are great, not how you messed up. Keep your comments positive and avoid mentioning your errors. Chances are the employer doesn’t even remember so don’t remind them!

DON’T: Send It Too Late

Like mentioned previously, the employer is more than likely interviewing a lot more applicants before and after you. So, you will want to send your follow-up thank you letter within 24-48 hours after your interview. Sending it right away will demonstrate your interest in the position and will leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. Also, decisions are sometimes made quickly after interviews so it is advantageous to send in a thank you before decisions are made!

These are just a few tips, if you want to read more click here to access the article!

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator