HIRE Love: Episode 1 Recap

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch the first episode of HIRE Love, below is a recap of what was discussed! Do you want to listen to the talk show live? Well, your wish is our command. Come down to Russo’s in the Student Center at 12:45 pm TODAY, October 11th, to watch our Career Advisors film the next episode of HIRE Love. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!The first episode of the series called “Just Press: Pause” focuses on reflection. Reflection of summer internships, career exploration, strengths, and most importantly: self. In the episode, the hosts discuss that due to the hustle and bustle of life, most people forget to stop and reflect on what is going on around them. Thus, they encourage students to take a moment once a day or even once a week to reflect. Colleen Murphy suggests keeping a journal throughout internships. It’s a great way to write down your thoughts and track your process throughout the months; thus it’s a great way to see how you grow. Alyssa Hammond suggests reflecting on top 3’s and bottom 3’s, or even a fact of the day. Kristine Vidic advises reflecting back on your strengths by asking yourself these questions: how did I use my strengths and how can I capitalize on other strengths that I have throughout the workplace? Susan Brennan suggests using index cards of colored red, yellow, and green to check yourself. A great visual way to match your feelings to your work. These self-reflection exercises can help you understand where you stand in your career and the best next steps to take. Now, take a pause. Are you one the right track?The next segment of the talk show features one of our very own Bentley alumni. Andrew Johnston, Class of 2015, takes the stage to share his point of view of just pressing pause. Currently, Andrew works at C Space in Boston, a research and innovation consulting firm focused on consumer behavior using design thinking principles. With such a transferable concept, he takes his experience at this firm and applies it to lifestyle and career trajectory. He first talks about “life auditing”, the idea of taking a moment to reflect on your life and career as it is today to check your progress and map out your future. He explains that in order to maximize your life auditing experience, it’s imperative to understand your own operating system, core values and personal mission statement. He then coins the term “always being in Beta”. Beta is a big part of research and testing, but he explains that you can easily implement it in your own life. Andrew proposes the idea of identifying your personal or professional problems, designing solutions, then testing them. He describes this as a simple way to keep improving your career. With this mindset, your career trajectory will always be forward and in line with your own goals and core values.These frameworks to reflect allow anyone, of any age, and any field to keep their path to personal career success progressive. So, next time you have a moment at work take a few minutes to press pause. Try starting a journal, using index cards, evaluating your strengths, auditing your life, or being in Beta. You may be pleasantly surprised with how much value you will find in these reflection methods.

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani