Keeping in Tune with your Summer Internship Experience

Like most interns, you are tasked with many different projects throughout your summer internship. And, like many interns, by the time your summer is complete you realize how much you learned and the skills you developed from this experience. Then it happens, you return to campus and someone asks you about your summer internship. You quickly realize you are having a tough time summarizing what it was you worked on, or you ramble on about all the projects you were assigned. At that moment, you most likely realize, you left something out of the answer. You begin to think back about all the projects and then your summer internship becomes a distant, hazy, memory.

How can you avoid this from happening to you? It’s simple.

One way to avoid losing the luster of this experience is by keeping a notepad readily available or using a Word document to journal the daily tasks of your internship. As you are charged with new projects, or team appointments, jot down in your notepad what you did for the project and who you did it for. Write down what your responsibilities were and how you contributed to the team to successfully achieve the goal of each project.

By keeping a journal in real time (daily during your internship), you’ll be able to reflect on the work and summarize your summer internship much more easily. This activity will help you also add better descriptions to your resume and give you lots of information to share during a conversation with an employer, professor or other professional.

I’m looking forward to seeing you back on campus this fall and hearing all about the amazing projects you worked on during your summer internship!

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy