Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center is sponsoring Social Entrepreneurship Week!

This week, Bentley celebrates social entrepreneurship, the movement that’s inspiring business people to go beyond the goal of maximizing profit and to thinking equally about maximizing social and environmental impact!

The Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center (BSLCE) is sponsoring Social Entrepreneurship Week as part of our ongoing efforts to promote civic engagement, global citizenship and alternatives to current business models that are socially responsible at their core.

So, what is social entrepreneurship?

It’s hard to give a definition that fits into a perfect box, because social entrepreneurs are innovators who think outside the box.  Social entrepreneurship is a field that is innovating ways to develop, fund, and implement solutions to social and environmental issues.  Social entrepreneurs create social enterprises which take many forms including for-profit and nonprofit organizations and entities like B-Corps and Green Companies, which fit somewhere in-between the two traditional organizational models.

So, why should you care about social entrepreneurship?

As a Bentley student, you are uniquely positioned to be a social entrepreneur because of your strong base of business skills and knowledge.  Social entrepreneurship is a challenging and rewarding endeavor; social entrepreneurs face the world’s toughest problems head on, finding ways to alleviate those problems.  Are you up for the challenge?  Will you use your business skills to take on the world’s social problems?

If so, look out for social entrepreneurship this week!

Keep an eye out this week for more to come from the BSLCE as we keep you informed of the many ways that social entrepreneurship plays a role in our communities, our careers, and our world!


By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center