Employer Spotlight: Hill Holliday’s Trilia Media

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at what we learned on the Creative Engagement career community’s most recent In the Field Trip to Hill Holliday’s Trilia Media.

How have advertising and media changed?

  • It used to be that a “spray and pray” strategy worked – flood the market with an ad and expect members of your target market will see it.
  • Advertising is no longer the same. With 39% of consumers blocking ads on computers and 16% on mobile, creating targeted content is critical.
  • Targeted ads receive a 2x-5x greater response, so Trilia uses data and insights to create media that is relevant and that people want to interact with.


Insights from 2016 alums, Allison Kelly & Isabella Isotti:

  • Just keep being productive but try not to stress. Each of us graduated without a job but ultimately found the perfect positions.
  • Message alums on LinkedIn. They are happy to help you understand what they do and determine whether it’s right for you.
  • We applied to a lot of positions that weren’t the right fit. Don’t take a job to take a job. Apply to the right ones for you.

What do their days look like now as Assistant Media Planners?

  • We spend an equal amount of time using the left and right sides of our brains.
  • Sometimes we dig in Excel for to track pricing and online impressions.
  • We spend meetings brainstorming with coworkers to find creative ideas of what a client might need.
  • Even after only six months, we are leading calls with clients’ field marketing and even overseeing interns.
  • We receive lots of training and mentoring – even exposure to the senior team as part of our work on new business.

Tips from the recruiting team:

  • Patience is a virtue. While we might be able to consider a graduating senior in late April or May, our hiring for May grads typically starts in June.
  • Intern to be hired full-time. A spring internship with us a couple of days per week during your senior year will bring you to the top of our list as we look to hire full-time.
  • Bentley alumni are your best resource. Reach out to learn about industries, roles, and any advice they might have.
  • Resumes should be perfect. It is one page that is meant to represent the best of you, so it needs to be clear, organized, and impeccable. If you’re missing a period on your resume, I throw it in the trash. This might sound harsh, but if you don’t take the time to review it, how can I expect that you would review your work as an employee?
  • Do your homework, own your career, and know what you want and why. There are 200+ applications for any given position, so it’s important to know why you want the role. We are looking for demonstrated interest in media and technology as well as a desire to continue learning.
  • Have an [informed] opinion. One interview question we have used is: “Tell us about a social media campaign that you think is effective and why you think that.” This ensures that you are familiar with the industry and can justify your own reasoning.


By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services Amanda Helfand