Vault’s Newest Features Get You One Step Closer to Your Dream Job!

Vault has introduced two new features that are designed to help students like you — Career Paths and Video Q&A! Career Paths is a page that will help you determine what occupations best fit your skills and interests. In addition, the page contains information about the overall job market, helping you gain insight about what you need to know to land that dream job! The Career Q&A section consists of interviews from professionals in many different professions, giving you the inside scoop on what it’s like to work in a given field. Some of the topics covered by the interviews include the main duties of each role, a typical day on the job, the work setting, the education and training needed, and industry outlook. Don’t waste another minute — head on over to Vault now to check out the new features to help you prepare for career success!

By Lauren Nicol
Lauren Nicol Senior CareerEdge Colleague