Practice Makes Permanent (and Eventually Perfect) with Interview Stream!

interviewstreamCollege students across the country are going through “interview season.” Although many have qualifications for positions they’re applying for, many do not have adequate interviewing skills, therefore setting them back from landing their dream job. Employers have mentioned that candidates are lacking traditional skills like eye contact, communication, and professionalism during interviews.

So how do we help students develop those skills? Bentley University’s Career Services is providing students access to use Interview Stream, a platform that helps users improve their interview skills. The platform provides students with valuable resources to help guide them through a successful interview as well as the opportunity to record yourself and then evaluate your performance. There is a practice interview for almost every major/industry, and the platform is equipped with an app so you can practice while on the go! Within the platform, there are many other resources and guides for best practices, one of which being their elevator pitch guide. The most common interview question is “Tell me about yourself,” and with the Interview Stream elevator pitch guide, students have the chance to perfect their pitch. The guide gives students the opportunity to prepare an outline for their pitch, and then gives common nonverbal mistakes to avoid during an interview. Students also have the option of submitting their practice interviews to a Career Services advisor for review and critique if they feel necessary.

To access Interview Stream, go to and register using your Bentley email.

By Rachid Macer
Rachid Macer Student Director, CareerEdge and Think Tank Colleague Team