8 Ways for Graduates to Write a Winning Resume



So, you’re a recent graduate, and now it’s time to jump into the real world and get yourself a job. It all starts and ends with your resume. Most employers will skim over your resume in just a few seconds and quickly decide whether or not they want to take the time to learn more about you or not. In those few seconds, you quickly have to make a big impression on them so that they’ll want to pick up the phone and call you into their office immediately. Here are a few ways you can boost the effectiveness of your resume in order to get you to where you want to be.

  1. Typos are a credibility killer

Not only do spelling and grammar mistakes make it look like you didn’t care enough to look over your work, but they could also completely annihilate the credibility of your qualifications. If you’ve included anywhere in your resume anything about your attention to detail or the precision of your work, well, those qualifications have just flown right out the door. Give your resume a once-over through the Hemingway App to check for spelling, grammar and readability. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot our own errors, so it’s important to have a tool on hand to do this job. Another tool you can also use is After The Deadline for help with spelling, grammar and style suggestions.

  1. Length matters

If you’ve just graduated, chances are you don’t have that much relevant work experience. You may be proud of the different jobs you’ve had throughout the years leading up to graduation, but remember to keep it relevant. Most new graduates should be limiting their resumes to a single page. A free Resume Builder can help get you started on creating and sharing your perfect resume to get the job you’re gunning for.

  1. Don’t say too much

There seems to be this urge to want to share anything and everything under the sun on a resume. However, there are certain things employers just don’t care that much about. Languages, unless they’re specifically related to the job, are of no interest to the employer. Also on that list are your personal interests and accomplishments. If you get the job, you’ll be able to get to know your employer and colleagues on a more personal level but, until then, they’re only interested in the information that makes you the most qualified person for the job. If you need a little help deciding what to include or leave out of your resume, Resume writing help experts can give you some assistance. Because they’re all professionals in their fields, the writers at Boomessays know exactly what employers will be looking for on your resume.

  1. Tailor the resume for the job

Employers are looking for that one person that stands out and that they know will be the perfect fit for the job. So, if you’re trying to get noticed with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ resume, it’s just not going to happen. Create a beautiful, eye catching resume, using a resume builder such as CV Maker, and you can easily tailor your resume to specifically focus on the job posting you’re targeting.

  1. The right keywords are key

You may be interested to know that many companies use online recruitment tools to sort through the many applications they receive. In order to sift through these, they use a list of keywords relevant to that job, so, including these keywords in your resume can help you get through to the next round and avoid elimination. A good place to search for relevant keywords is in LinkedIn‘s skills

  1. List it

Remember when I said that employers will skim over your resume in just a few seconds? Well, giving them a bulleted list of your responsibilities and accomplishments will ensure that they’ll get the maximum amount of information possible within those few seconds. Don’t use full sentences, just list out between 3 and 5 of the most pertinent information they’ll need to know. If you’re stuck on what to include, the pros at Essay help will know what employers will want to see. All of the writers there are experts in their field, so they come well equipped with the insider knowledge that’ll help inject your resume with the most relevant information.

  1. Say the right things

ProWritingAid knows that your words matter, and employers couldn’t agree more. There are certain ‘power’ words that imply greater, more sought after qualities in a candidate. Words that speak to problem solving skills or take a proactive approach towards work can greatly increase how you’re perceived by employers. Include the most highly rated relevant keywords in your resume, without going overboard and risking getting discarded due to keyword stuffing.

  1. Create your own template

Most employers have seen those generic Word templates more times than they care to remember. Create something that’s uniquely you in order to stand out from the rest, showcase your individuality and be noticed. If you’re not a skilled designer, you could always hop onto DoYouBuzz and use one of their templates. Yes, they’re pre-made templates, but they are not your generic resume template that’s been overdone and seen a million and one times.

Your dream job is waiting for you – use the tools you’ve got at your disposal to help create a winning resume that’ll land you that job in no time.


Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city, she graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of creative writer. She works as blog manager and a part-time content writer at UK coursework service. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Studydemic, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, etc.

By Gloria Kopp
Gloria Kopp Educator, eLearning Consultant