Technology and Networking with Liberty Mutual!

A huge thank you to Patrick Powers & Michael Sakraida from Liberty Mutual for coming out to Bentley last night! Bentley students learned the ins and outs of networking with technology platforms like LinkedIn and how to incorporate that with face to face networking. Patrick emphasized the use of face to face networking, a skill that millennials are quickly losing because of the easy access of communication through technology. Michael gave great advice to our students for when they graduate and finally enter the workforce, saying “Make sure your manager is someone who can also be your mentor.” We appreciate Patrick & Michael coming and sharing their insight and knowledge with our Bentley students!

Michael Sakraida(left) and Patrick Powers(right)

Michael Sakraida(left) and Patrick Powers(right) with 2 Bentley Juniors

By Rachid Macer
Rachid Macer Student Director, CareerEdge and Think Tank Colleague Team Rachid Macer