Marketing Research Consulting Analyst – Day in the Life

Did you miss out on meeting the representatives from MaPS Millward Brown Analytics yesterday? Have no fear, their entry-level 2017-grad Analyst position is posted, and they are accepting applications until this Sunday. Below is a glimpse into the day in the life that their analyst shared:

A Day in the Life of an Analyst at MaPS (first half)

  • When I get to work I turn on my computer and grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Megan, another RA, is also in the kitchen making some breakfast and we talk about our plans for the upcoming weekend.
  • Back at my desk, I check my email to make sure there isn’t anything pressing before starting on my to-do list for the day. I’m working on two projects right now: one is an on-going satisfaction study for a major financial services provider that MaPS has worked with for over 10 years (6 months for me). We’re in the data collection phase for the current wave while also in the reporting phase for the previous wave. My other study, a customer segmentation for a pharmaceutical company, is just kicking off. We have a team meeting at 10:30am to discuss the questionnaire design. Before that, I need to check the online field update for my financial services project and prepare the field report for the client. I’m pleased to see that we’ve gotten another 18 completed surveys overnight, but I also noticed that we haven’t made as much progress in France as we had hoped. I call Andrew, the project manager, to share my concern and we decide to make a quick call to the field vendor. We discuss the situation and the vendor agrees to request more phone interviews in France.
  • I then return to preparing the field report for the client. I pull the data from the online field portal into an Excel spreadsheet and calculate the efficiency, refusal and terminate rates, as well as the average time to complete the survey in each country. I ask my teammate to quickly review all of my calculations before sending it off to the client.
  • Time for the questionnaire design meeting. I grab my notebook and head to the North End (one of several conference rooms named after neighborhoods in Boston). Dale and James, the managing partner and associate on the project, are already there, so we get right down to business. We spend about 45 minutes outlining the structure of the questionnaire – identifying the key points we want to cover and ordering the sections to minimize respondent bias. Next, we begin to identify the types of questions we want to ask in each section. We need to vary the questions to keep the survey from being too repetitive. Dale and James mention a few other projects that have used similar questions, which we may be able to leverage. James and I agree to put together a draft of the questionnaire by the end of the day tomorrow.
  • After consolidating my notes from the questionnaire meeting, I get an instant message from Mark and Amy saying they are going to eat on the patio outside for lunch and are wondering if I’d like to join them. Good timing – I’m starved! We agree to meet in the kitchen in 5 minutes. I finish sorting through my emails, grab my wallet and go to lunch.

… to hear about the rest of the day, reach out to – and don’t forget to apply on BentleyLink by Sunday!

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services