Consulting Career Community: Get Ready for Takeoff!

consulting-career-community-overallSo what the heck does a consultant do, you may be wondering? According to Vault,  Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. And in the age of information, any businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, or other organizations that do not have as much knowledge as possible of their individual lines of work are at a distinct disadvantage. They risk suffering financial losses, poorly performing workers and departments, and failing to meet their goals. Consultants are professionals who provide expertise to organizations to help them maximize their profitability or effectiveness and keep them running smoothly. Basically they are “problem-solvers for hire.”

Want to learn more? Then join our newly formed Consulting Career Community, a collaborative program between Undergraduate Career Services and the Bentley Consulting Group. Over the next month, you will have an opportunity to meet senior consultants from prestigious firms including PwC’s Strategy&, Huron Consulting and Parthenon EY. Learn from industry insiders about the differences between strategic consulting and advisory roles, key competencies for success, best tips for improving your candidacy, and the all-important case interview technique.

All events are posted on BentleyLink and space is limited. RSVP today!


By Susan Sandler Brennan
Susan Sandler Brennan Associate Vice President, University Career Services