LinkedIn Summary: Skills, knowledge and more…


When we build our Linkedin summary statement we have to remember our audience.  Think about who you are sending your connection request to, your audience. We also need to take into account what types of opportunities we are seeking out.  When writing your summary, remember to let others know who you are through your summary.

A solid Linkedin summary will allow you to make many different connections and let your audience know about your interest in their industry, or a specific business role. After you send your invitation to connect,  the professional will most likely read your summary and hopefully be able to quickly realize your knowledge, skills, and interests are aligning with their organization. Once they capture that information, they know why you’re reaching out to them via Linkedin. If your summary is not hitting the right notes, a professional could become confused as to why you sent them an invitation to connect and result in losing a new connection.

Remember, you want to invite people to connect with you so that you can learn more about their company, company culture, and job opportunities available, and it’s also a chance for professionals to get to know you too.

The  power of a  great Linkedin summary will help you build your network.


By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center