Maintaining Your Summer Internship Connections

How many great people did you work with or meet during your summer internship?  Will you be in a position to reach out to these same people two years from now?  Read on my friends so your answer can be YES!

Now that you’re back at Bentley (or studying abroad in some amazing country), make a plan to maintain consistent and unique touchpoints with your connections.  Here are some examples:

  • If your boss was a University of Texas grad, send him an email after a big football win so it’s the first email he sees when he starts work on a Monday morning.  (Full disclosure: I drafted this blog post prior to the Double OT win over Notre Dame this past weekend!)
  • If the analyst you worked closely with is getting married in late Oct, send her a congratulatory email and wish her safe travels on her Honeymoon to Santorini, Greece.
  • Did you make a daily Dunkin run with a group of recent hires over the summer?  Make plans to re-join the crew in person one day over your winter break.

These are just some ways you can maintain active relationships so that it’s easier to reach out to these folks in the future!


By Brian Moccio
Brian Moccio Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development Center, Pulsifer Career Development Center