Looking to blend computer science and business? Consider a career in Business Intelligence at Travelers

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My name is Liam Bartlett and I am a member of Bentley University’s class of 2017.  During the summer of 2015 and 2016, I had the opportunity to intern with The Travelers Companies for a rLiamole in their Business Intelligence Internship Program. Business Intelligence is a great choice for anyone looking to use computer science and other technical skills alongside a business background in order to make fact-based decisions for the company as a whole. I believe it is near a perfect fit for business majors with a computer science minor, or vice versa. The exposure to IT and how it relates to the business is a great chance for you to further advance your knowledge and skills in both CIS and business.

I personally loved the training and mentoring aspect of Travelers. If you struggled using a specific scripting language or needed help with a particular program you have a vast support system to either get you into a crash-course or have your mentor walk you through whatever you are struggling with. In addition to that, the company offers great compensation underclassmen and if you are from out-of-state, the company puts you up in a fully furnished apartment allowing you to save a ton of money on rent. Travelers is a fantastic company that does a great job of making you comfortable doing real life work that affects the business alongside developing you in numerous areas of both business and IT.

Liam Bartlett ‘17

Major: Managerial Economics

Minor: Computer Information Systems


By Leonard Morrison
Leonard Morrison Director of Undergraduate Career Services Leonard Morrison