Why I Love Being an Actuary with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts!


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Here at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, we embrace the ever-evolving and changing healthcare environment. As a current Actuarial Student enrolled in the Actuarial Rotational Program, I am able to see different angles and perspectives of the healthcare world through the different lenses of my rotations. My current rotationCassidie is in Network Payment Innovation and Contract Management. In this department, we manage multiple healthcare groups to help increase their efficiency and lower their costs. My day-to-day role involves pulling and analyzing data for these groups and making suggestions on how they can achieve their financial goals while maintaining and increasing their quality of care.

I have learned SQL coding, increased my Excel skills, and obtained a thorough understanding of healthcare and how politics and policies affect what we do every day. What makes my job so enjoyable is my team of brilliant and insightful analysts, along with really supportive management and a positive and upbeat work environment. All of this, combined with engaging and evolving work, keeps me focused and enjoying what I do each day. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose BCBSMA as my first job out of Bentley, as it has shown me what it’s like to work within a reputable organization supplemented with a fun work environment and engaging day-to-day work.

Cassidie Cade ‘15 (Finance)
Actuarial Analyst
Actuarial Rotation Program
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts


By Cassidie Cade
Cassidie Cade Actuarial Analyst