Digital Video is Raking in Billions of Dollars

There has never been a better time to be interested in media and videography. Digital marketing, PR, and social media are only some of the many departments looking for employees who are skilled in creating appealing digital video. Below are a few key quotes from a recent Washington Post article on the trend of digital video.

  • In June, a Facebook vice president called video “the best way to tell stories in this world” and said that the world’s biggest social network, with 1.6 billion users, would be “probably all video” within five years.
  • Web-video ad spending grew to $10 billion this year, having doubled since 2014.
  • Producers, networks and news organizations have been racing to publish more videos, because advertisers will pay more to sponsor them than digital offerings such as banner ads.

Interested in learning more? Read the full article here.

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services