Falcons are soaring at Kronos this summer thanks to preparation at Bentley


Four Bentley students are hard at work this summer interning at Kronos, a global workforce management company located in Chelmsford.   Check out their insights about what life and work are like at Kronos and how Bentley has been preparing them to succeed there:

Elizabeth Nguyen (AC, ’17):

My internship at Kronos has been fantastic so far! I am able to apply what I learned in my accounting courses such as GB 112, GB 212, AC 311, AC 312 and IT 101 knowledge here at Kronos! I am able to apply the new revenue recognition standard to Kronos customer deals using my knowledge from AC 311 and AC 312. For other accounting courses, I am able to understand how transactions affect the financial statements and I understand that financial ratios and valuations are critical to a company’s financials. I am also able to put my Excel skills that I learned in IT 101 to the test in all of my projects at Kronos. Kronos is a great employer for finance students who may not want to go into one of the big four companies but want the experience in finance/accounting in a prosperous growing company that has a well-structured internship program!

Julia Cydzik (AC, ’18):

My summer in Revenue Accounting at Kronos has been an amazing experience. Bringing the skills and concepts I have learned at Bentley, and combining them with real-life processes that are utilized in the work place has helped me to broaden my understanding of accounting, and how the skills I have learned in class are applied to real companies every day. I have been pushed to take on projects here that are meaningful and challenging, and have been supported throughout that process by my team members here. It is an opportunity I am so pleased to have been given, and one that I would recommend to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and getting ahead in their career.

Bryan Mason (FI, ’17):

I think that Bentley does a more than adequate job of preparing their students for the real world. First, all incoming freshman are required to enroll in IT 101 where all Microsoft Office applications are covered. I think this provides a solid framework for all students seeing as Excel is widely used throughout Kronos and is vital in many business functions, including my position in finance. In addition to this, Bentley also has a continued focus on group projects each year which helps all students develop teamwork and communication skills that translate directly into the work environment. Group projects often coincide with presentations which helps students develop their public speaking skills. At Kronos, we must prepare a presentation of what we did this summer so being comfortable speaking in front of large crowds is a good trait to have. Lastly, Bentley also offers an optional career development class centered around resume building and interview preparation which I think significantly prepared me for my application process with Kronos.

Phillip Nash (FI, ’17):

I didn’t know it at the time, but Bentley has been preparing me for my internship at Kronos from the second I stepped onto campus freshman year.  GB classes really help you familiarize yourself with the terminology and documentation you are faced with on your first day of work, in addition to Excel and other computer skills which are critical to a successful career in finance and accounting.  I often find myself drawing upon concepts I learned freshman through junior year, that seemed minuscule at the time.  Everything Bentley communicates to us students about internship and career success I have found to be true thus far.  Bentley creates a learning environment that breeds success in the work place.  I was able to take the skills Bentley has taught me, tangible and intangible, with me to Kronos, where I went on to have a very successful summer internship experience. I am excited to bring everything Kronos has taught me with me into my senior year, with hopes of maximizing the short time I have left at Bentley.

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center