Mentor Marketplace Tips for Students!


So, you’ve joined the Mentor Marketplace. What’s next?

Here are some tips for Mentees:

1. Be sure to get to know your mentor on a personal level. While mentors are
excellent career resources, you can learn a lot from their personal stories and
experiences at Bentley.

2. Setting goals with your mentor is critical. It gives direction and clarity to the
mentoring relationship. It also increases the likelihood of a successful relationship.
Think about what you hope to gain from this experience and what activities you
might be interested in doing with your mentor. Remember, goal-setting can be a
process – priorities can and will evolve.

3. Keep the relationship a priority. Even if you cannot meet or talk with your mentor
very often, at least try to keep communication consistent (i.e., message them
within the Mentor Marketplace or send them an email every couple of weeks).

4. Remember to communicate your enthusiasm and gratitude about working with
your mentor!

By Cassandra Layman
Cassandra Layman Cassandra Layman