Behind the Scenes with Demandware

Ever wondered how your favorite brand’s website was powered? How is it that you can so easily find and purchase your favorite items online from Puma, Kate Spade, L’Oreal, Panasonic, and Vineyard Vines? The secret lies in their omnichannel commerce platforms – created by Demandware. Below are a few favorite messages from our company visit to Demandware earlier this month:

From Tom Ebling, CEO

  • “Do what you love, and it will probably work out.”
  • Make sure people like you in terms of respecting you, respecting your work, and knowing you as a professional.
  • For interviews and in life, do your research. Know who you’re talking to and how to connect with them.

From Elana Anderson, SVP of Marketing

  • It’s important to make sure the organization you work for has a clear mission, and that the actions people take within the organization work towards that mission.
  • “To be a successful marketer today, you have to be a great artist and a great scientist.” (learn more here)

From Nick Camelio, Chief Talent Officer (and proud ’93 Bentley alum)

  • Do something you like at a company you like with people you like.
  • Having a passion for the organization you work for and a belief in what it does will take you far.


By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services Amanda Helfand