Bentley Students on how Len Morrison’s “Interview Prep” Workshop Helped Them Get a Job!


We all know Bentley’s Career Services Office offers a LOT of workshops, events, networking panels, and more. In a sea of opportunities, the reviews are in- Len Morrison’s Interview Prep Workshop is one that you can’t miss.

Every Tuesday at 4:30PM, students with upcoming interviews gather with Len to learn how to be a standout candidate at any interview. Len details the secrets to getting to know the in’s and out’s of any position you may be applying for. His experience and contacts with Bentley’s many recruiters give him an inside scoop of what these employers are expecting from students and he is eager to share this with Bentley’s finest.

I know what you’re thinking- “I can find all of this out on my own” or “I interview all the time. I don’t need to prepare.” True, but the skills Len explains and the insight into what employers really want is a mindset that many of us do not have yet and one that employers want to see. Check out testimonials from your Bentley peers about how this workshop helped them get #HIRED!

Niki A.: “I just wanted to thank you SO much for helping me prepare for my interview. I was asked many of the same questions that we went over and felt confident in my answers. “

Michael B.: “I have accepted a Full Time Actuarial role at Liberty Mutual starting next summer. Your help with resumes and interview prep was huge for me along the way.”

Erika R.: “Thank you for hosting the prep session. I can’t tell you how much I took away from it. I think the work you did out on the chalk board was very helpful.”

David O.: “I like the classroom setting and seeing examples of what to expect. I feel much more prepared for my interview now and more confident that I can get the position. I am definitely glad I went.”

Benjamin W.: “Thank you for your advice and expertise in helping me to prepare for my interview. Your suggestion to visit an Aldi store and speak with the store manager was extremely helpful in giving me something to impress my interviewers. I am certain that your presentation as well as your advice was key in helping me excel and stand out from the crowd yesterday, so thank you. I will definitely tell everyone I can about the helpfulness of your interview workshop, and hopefully that will help increase the amount of people attending.”

Kile M.: “Recently offered a position with People’s United Bank, I must credit my success to Bentley’s Career Services, and specifically the Advanced Interview Prep Workshop with Len Morrison. The workshop enhanced my interviewing skills with a unique and innovative methodology; in terms of both advanced preparation and interpersonal interviewing techniques. Len’s program was essential to my development as a confident, well-spoken candidate.”

Elizabeth K.: “I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for taking the    time to hold a prep session prior to my UTC financial rotational program interview. I can’t put into words how helpful this time with you was. Our analysis gave me an in-depth understanding of the company as well as the time to reflect on how my own personal abilities and experiences align with those of the position. Going into the interview today I knew exactly what skills of mine to highlight and felt very confident that despite the questions I was asked, I would be able to frame my response in a beneficial and relevant light.”

And the reviews go on. This workshop is another tool that Career Services is offering our students. From listening to your peers, it is definitely one that cannot be missed.

To sign up for Len Morrison’s Interview Prep Workshop, visit BentleyLink under Events then go to the Workshops tab and search “Interview Like A Pro” or email Len Morrison directly with any inquiries.





By Cassandra Layman
Cassandra Layman