Put your stock picking skills to the test! Sign up for the Vetr University Challenge Stock picking competition

vetrStudents pick 10 stocks or more and rate them on Vetr

  • Your top 10 performing stocks will be averaged together and used to determine ranking and points. Penny stocks are not allowed (any stock with a price lower than $5)
  • Your earn points, based on:
    • Your percentile for your average return will determine your base points. For example: if your stock ratings perform in the 95th percentile among participants, then you will earn 95 points in the competition.
    • Your can earn additional points by:
      • Writing analysis posts on any stock of your choosing. Click on the Analysis tab in any ticker page (lookup a stock using the search box on top) and write your analysis. You will gain 1 point per analysis post (maximum of 10 points, analysis post much be at least three sentences long).
      • Inviting friends to Vetr – 1 point per friend invited (maximum of 15 points). You earn 1 point for every person that joins Vetr using your link. You can get your unique referral link here

Learn more and register for this competition here: https://www.vetr.com/universitychallenge


By Cassandra Layman
Cassandra Layman Cassandra Layman