Advertising’s Big Four

As a Bentley student, you are likely all too familiar with accounting’s Big Four. Half your friends want to work for one of them and you have enough merchandise from past career fairs with their logos on it to start your own gift shop. But did you know that advertising has a big four of their own? Advertising’s big four refer to the conglomerates of Interpublic, Omnicom, Publicis, and WPP. The big four was responsible for $40.1B in advertising spending in the last year, nearly twice as much as the next 46 largest agencies combined.

The websites of these marketing titans are also a great resource when internship/job hunting. They each own hundreds of different agencies located all around the world.

Know you want to work in advertising, but don’t know where to look? Check out the agencies page on each of the Big Four’s website, enter the location in the world you desire to work and BOOM, the contact information of many different marketing companies under the umbrella of one of the Big Four appear right before your eyes.

Happy Job Hunting!


WPP – operates in 111 countries with 179,000 employees, and 276 subsidiary companies.


Omnicom – Operates in 100 countries with 74,000 employees, and 99 subsidiary companies.


Interpublic – Operates in 90 countries with 49,000 employees, and has 73 subsidiary companies.


Publicis Groupe – Operates in 108 countries with 64,000 employees. Publicis Groupe has 26 subsidiary companies.

By Tom Cloutier
Tom Cloutier Career Colleague