How to Prepare for your First Day at a New Internship

The first day at a new internship is always nerve-wracking. You’re unsure about what you’ll be doing, and you want to make a good impression on your new bosses and co-workers. If you do these preparations, your day will go much more smoothly.

Do Some Last Minute Studying

The night before a big exam, you probably go over the class material one last time, making sure you know everything that will be on the test. You should do this same type of studying on the night before you start your internship. Read through any materials you were given by your internship supervisor, and research the company online. Try to find some recent articles about the company, and spend some time looking at the company’s mission statement. This will ensure that the information is fresh in your mind the next morning. But don’t stay up too late studying—try to get to bed nice and early so you’ll be well rested for your first day at your internship.

Choose your Outfit

You don’t want to be running around frantically in the morning, trying to choose an appropriate outfit. To avoid that, lay out your outfit the night before. For this first day, choose an outfit that’s conservative and business casual. You want to show your new bosses that you’re serious about the job at hand, and wearing a business casual outfit helps convey that image. If you get to the office and learn that people tend to dress in casual outfits, you can begin dressing more casually on the second day of your internship.

Practice Getting to the Office

If you’re nervous about finding your new office, do a practice run the day before you start your internship. If you’re using public transportation, take the train or bus to your office’s stop. Or, if you’re driving, put the office’s address into your GPS and head over there. You’ll feel much less nervous on the morning your internship begins if you know exactly where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there.

Bring Supplies

On the first day of your internship, you will be given loads of information about the office and what’s expected of you. To ensure that you don’t forget any pertinent information, bring a notebook and take notes on what your internship supervisor is telling you. You can also use this notebook to write down any questions that you may have about the internship.

Double Check Everything

Before you leave your house or apartment, double check that you have everything you need. Make yourself a checklist, and make sure that you have every item on there. The last thing you want to do is forget something important on your first day.

Get to the Internship Early

There’s nothing more stressful than being late on the first day of a new job or internship. To avoid this, plan to get to your internship at least ten or fifteen minutes early. This way, if you do hit traffic, you’ll have a cushion of time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you’re not sure if, for example, you’re supposed to bring your own laptop, don’t be afraid to email your internship supervisor to ask. Your internship supervisor is there to help you, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the first day at your internship.

Starting a new internship is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. These tips will help you start succeeding at your internship from your first day.

About Author: Piyush is founder and editor of EducareLab, a free online resource for high school and college students that covers topics ranging from career advice to test anxiety and outdoor adventure.

By Piyush Mangukiya
Piyush Mangukiya