Ten best part time jobs for students in the US

Part time employment opportunities for students in the US are difficult to obtain, whether it is on campus or off campus. Some reasons include the following:

  1. Greater your academic grades and achievement, higher your chances of your getting a part time job. This raises the bar for candidates of average abilities.
  2. It does not provide sufficient funds to sustain education costs.
  3. Off campus jobs require adherence to strict governmental regulations via the US immigration and naturalization service.

For the student community, some best options available for part time jobs are as follows:

  1. Work-Study program: International Masters degree graduate students can join a “co-op” internship program. They will be working 40 hours per week as part of the compulsory work experience wherein they will be paid regular salaries. These co-op help students save on study costs, pay their fees by installments and learn and work simultaneously.
  2. Part time jobs in federal positions: Federal Internships are available for students undergoing training from high school to Post graduate levels as well as fresh graduates , which serve as stepping stones to career in federal service. The internship program provides paid opportunities for students to try outworking in the federal service and if successful in completing the program, render them eligible for a permanent job in the civil service. Students from all levels who are pursuing a degree or certificate from recognized institutions are eligible. The job will be matched with the intern’s academic record and subjects/goals. You can apply for such opportunities through usajobs.gov. Nearly 50, 000 students are employed in government programs. In addition, there are schemes where the govt can actually pay off the student loans.
  3. Part time jobs in National Park Services: The National Parks also provides internship opportunities for students who are interested in working along with the National Parks and have deep interest in nature as well as in the conservation of historic sites of antiquity. High school, college and graduate students can join either directly through their affiliated parks or through their agents. Some of the programs offers stipends of different ranges and one can apply based on one’s interests and career goals. It can go up as much as 225-700 dollars per week or 6000 -10000 for graduate or undergraduate students.
  4. Part time paid internship opportunities in CIA: If your interests are lying towards politics and security issues, then you can apply for opportunities in the world famous CIA. Graduate and undergraduate students can apply. You need to demonstrate high levels of academic proficiency and knowledge of multiple languages and international experience are an advantage. This, being a high security risk organization, there would be mandatory medical and background checks. There are different kinds of programs for U Gs and graduates with some of the scholarship opportunities providing a stipend as high as 18000 dollars in a year. The range of areas cover from sciences to humanities to linguistics.
  5. Part time jobs in Administration: To assist executives in managing workload. Personal Assistants hold a central position in their employers’ work lives, scheduling and dealing with the daily burden. You will pick up many skills along the way including interpersonal communication skills and organizational skills. You will also get a chance to get your software skills in good shape and u will get an understanding of how the corporate world functions. If you are more of a desk lover, this kind of part time opportunity will be of use to you.
  6. For those whose interests lie in health and fitness, you can obtain part time jobs as aerobics and fitness instructors with an hourly payment around 15 dollars. It would help you to keep fit while earning the extra money.
  7. Students proficient in computers and IT can assist out as Tech support and earn some kind of stipend.
  8. Students from financial backgrounds can also obtain bank teller position in banks where they will get hands on experience in the finance world while earning regular wages.
  9. Transportation Security Officer – An interesting opportunity for those who are interested to pursue a career in the travel industry would be to apply as Federal Airport Screeners. Part time employment for students where they help passengers with their baggage and making announcements. They get a chance to study and imbibe the working atmosphere in the aviation management sector which is considered as a stressful area. 10 per hour and a fixed number of hours per week.
  10. Another opportunity for students in the medical industry is to apply for summer internships in prestigious medical institutes like Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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By Sally Yolanda
Sally Yolanda