Sports: More than blood, sweat, and tears


Being a dedicated athlete is something that many claim but few achieve. In the sports world there are many lessons that you can take from the playing field to the boardroom. When you’re on campus this winter and figuring out how to have fun and stay warm, think about the various sport opportunities Bentley has. Grab your friends and set yourselves up for success!

Strong sports leadership skills can take you far in your careers. Here’s what we mean:

Gives a real boost to your public speaking skills

This is just fantastic! Sports leadership aids enhancing public speaking skills when you are on outdoor tours or visits, have to respond media interviews and motivating your classmates (A big challenge to all newbie athletes). Moreover, it removes the unwanted shyness which usually students possess when are entering into the young ages.

Aids resolving conflicts during matches

Conflict resolution –  Oh it seems impossible sometimes! Sports leadership provides real conflict resolution ideas such as intra-team conflicts in between the matches. It highlights how group discussions and logical debates can create a difference resolving on-field conflicts with opponent team, players or even coaches. Techniques for maintaining maturity levels, stability, disagreements etc., are real perks for new athletic champs.

Supports in understanding team culture

This is yet another super challenge for all sporty chaps. Because they have to learn the entire culture of team and complications of group kinetics. Sports leadership defines how to cope up with continuous environment changes by following their leadership skills to school, sports and extra- curricular disciplines. Once the students know it well, they can turn into popular leaders and admirable team players.

Galvanizes sports psychology

So ready to sink into psychological stream? Well, most of the student athletes are poor in this specific scope. Sports leadership enhances the mental challenges of athletics. By emphasizing more on visualization, relaxation, anger management, quick decision making and so on, a kid like you can conquer the entire sporty world.

Helps learning about the great leadership of sports stars

Last but not the least; sports leadership helps learning the positive approaches of the biggest sports stars on the playing field. It highlights their attitude, spirit, patriotism, mannerism and other significant characteristics in times of failure, critical situations and disappointments, proposing young athletes a true role model to follow subsequently.

So how’s that for learning something new everyday? And this time you’ll actually enjoy it!

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By Jessica Marina
Jessica Marina