Still looking for a job? Don’t worry.

While there are jobs being posted for MICCM seniors (MK, IDCC, CR, MAS, and MC) every week, it is perfectly normal to still be looking right now.

Unlike other types of roles (think accounting, finance, actuarial), MICCM-related employers hire throughout the year rather than focusing on fall. Even though many MICCM-related postings have come and gone this semester, the majority of you will land this spring and early summer.

Interested in learning more about your senior year job search? Watch the video from the MICCM Senior Kickoff meeting by going to BentleyLink > Resources > Virtual Career Center > in Keywords type “MICCM” – this should show you only the link for MICCM Senior Kickoff 9/15/15.


By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services