The Value of a Site Visit

Vertex scene

A site visit is the perfect opportunity to visit a company, gather information about different functional areas of business, network with industry professionals, and it also gives you a feel for the office space. In addition, you’ll gain insight into how your skills and knowledge would be of value to a company.

As part of your career development, consider attending site visits. This is the perfect opportunity to build up your network. You never know, the professionals you meet during a site visit could be the professionals you’ll be working with in the future. Business students are fully aware that not every business runs the same, so a site visit also allows you to get a sense of the management style and company culture, which could be the right fit for you!

Last week, Bentley students visited Vertex Pharmaceuticals. While there, the Talent Acquisition Manager, Grace Gunderson, presented a high level introduction to the company. Grace shared details about Vertex’s internship opportunities, how the company vets candidates, and what Vertex looks for on a resume, cover letter, and interview, when hiring. After the presentation, a panel of Bentley alumni shared information about their roles and the positive experiences they’re having working for Vertex. We finished off the site visit with a tour of the beautiful building that towers in the newly developed Seaport District, overlooking the Boston Harbor!

Stay tuned on BentleyLink and CareerEdge to see what other site visits are scheduled this spring semester.

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy