Mink: Graduate’s Dilemma


So begins the story of a recent college graduate named Mink and along with it, my own editorial on the world of marketing. This endeavor marries together two topics I’ve learned a fair bit about over the past few years: marketing and drawing (or more precisely, drawing cartoons).

What remains to be seen is if combining the two will provide anything remarkable. I encourage you to stick with it because who knows, you just might get a laugh or two at Mink’s expense.

If you haven’t seen it yet, a small window prompt at the top of the page will ask you to subscribe to future comics. In doing so, you’ll receive a brief email every time a comic is published (probably once a week). So go for it. You’ll want to know if Mink finds a job, right?

By Al Biedrzycki
Al Biedrzycki