Who says Freshmen can’t get internships? Check out Chris Ehl’s internship at demandDrive!

Here at Bentley Career Services, we’ve been posting tons of #HIRED pictures of (mostly seniors) and their full-time jobs. Some of you are probably thinking, “But, I’m a freshman, what about me?!” We have some good news- study hard, work on your resume, and network with companies you are interested in, and you can get an internship this summer and be #HIRED too!

Chris Ehl, a sophomore Professional Sales Major with a CIS minor, spent last summer interning at demandDrive, a tech company in Waltham that builds and manages sales development teams and marketing services for other tech companies. Chris talks about this experience at dD in this awesome blog post. Not too shabby to be called the best intern the office has ever had! Plus, he got to hang out with dD’s Chief Moral Officer, Emma Paul the black lab (she was too cute not to include in this blog post).


So, freshmen, how can you follow Chris’ lead and snag yourself an awesome internship next summer too? Reach out to a company you’re interested in and ask to grab coffee with someone a department that you want to learn more about. Check out opportunities for job shadow days that are open to underclassmen. Beef up your resume and get practice writing cover letters. Comb through BentleyLink- all of those job opps aren’t just for seniors!

Best of luck, and, as always, make an appointment or come by drop-ins if you have any questions on how you could land an awesome internship just after freshman year like Chris!

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By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant Julia Paradis