Top 5 Job Search Engines: Find Ideal Jobs in Your Favorite Industry

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A large number of people are in great trouble because of unemployment and can’t live the way they like. On the other hand are those who have jobs but are not completely satisfied with the attitude of their bosses, current PayScale, progress and opportunities to move forward in their lives. In both cases, one needs to reach wide range of job offers to be able to find suitable careers. If you are not satisfied with your current job and looking for a new job, you would love to read this article to discover the most popular job search engines. The search tools discussed below have come up with some great features which will allow you to look for more attractive and productive job offers.

1: LinkedIn

LinkedIn comes as top search engine in the list because of two reasons. Firstly, you can explore the entire internet world to find the job of your choice and secondly you can join the network of professionals from your particular industry which will surely allow you to shape up your career in a much better way. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it brings you highest quality job postings and when you go through a job offer, you can get help from those who are already part of industry and guide you in a much better way how to move forward in your career.

2: Indeed

Indeed is the other most popular search engine which will enable you to create your resume keeping in view current job trends, your particular niche and commonly used keywords. Indeed will enable you to discover a large variety of current jobs in your favorite fields which may not be possible in many other search engines. By subscribing Indeed Job Alerts, you can get latest job offers on daily and weekly basis via email and in addition to this, you can also set those alerts for specific keywords, salary, geolocation etc.


Monster is also a popular search tool and it also comes in the list of oldest engines. Though, many of its features were faded away in the past few years because of ineffective filtering system and fake recruiters who posted too many job offers, it is still considered to be a wonderful tool. The good news about Monster is that it has recently been redesigned which has resulted into an increased and improved level of effectiveness. In addition to regular features, it also has some extraordinary features such as online posting of resume, job search alerts and networking boards. Moreover, this tool can also be used by employers to find most talented people as per their requirement.

4: CareerBuilder

If you want to get access to useful resources to make your career more attractive, you would love to learn about CareerBuilder. This particular tool has a lot of useful resources such as finding wide range of offers, creating alerts for new offers, checking out job fairs, getting useful job advice and getting access to other important job resources. It is claimed by the CareerBuilder that approximately twenty four millions unique job seekers visit the site every month to be benefited with the available resources.

5: USAJobs

If you are looking for Jobs offered by US Government, you would really like to know about USAJobs.  When you reach to this website, you can explore a wide range of jobs and you can also narrow down your search by using specific keywords, control numbers, job titles, agency skills and most importantly location. A very useful feature of USAJobs is worldwide searching ability which allow users to look for jobs in any country.


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