The APP that will land you a job!

Tis the season for our beloved Career Fair! It’s no secret that the Career Fair can be intimidating and a little scary, but that’s only if you’re not prepared! So again, in efforts to make your lives easier we have upgraded the Career Fair app! Never feel overwhelmed and lost and the career fair again.

The features of the new app are designed to help you prepare and map out your career fair experience. Before you even plan your outfit you need to look at the list of companies that are going and if you don’t know any of the companies or want more information on what they are all about, just open your app and get the 411! There is also an interactive map that shows you where each booth is located. Along with event details and announcements there is also a feature that helps you prepare just a little bit more! You have the ability to plan your career fair experience from beginning to end, download Bentley Career Fair Plus today!

By Halley McDevitt
Halley McDevitt Halley McDevitt