Passionate Perusal: The Nonprofit Approach Week 6

For this last week, I want to leave you with some last advice and resources to aid you in your pursuit of nonprofits.

I have found that there are many ways that you can incorporate nonprofits into your classes at Bentley. In addition to the specific nonprofit classes, there are several classes that work directly with nonprofits as part of the curriculum. I am taking Intro to Management Consulting Skills (MG 341) and we are doing a semester long project in which we are consulting for the nonprofit Global Smile Foundation. An easy way to find classes that work with nonprofits is to look for embedded Service-Learning. This means that there will be a community based project incorporated into the course.

Bentley also has a Nonprofit Society. This student organization offers a variety of ways to get involved with local nonprofits and is a great way to grow your network in the local area.

If you are looking for a job in the nonprofit sector or a volunteer opportunity check out They offer a wide selection of opportunities over a variety of different interests.

The great thing about nonprofits is they are just about always looking for help and with the skills set that you are building at Bentley you can provide this! So start looking, begin building relationships, and immerse yourself in the nonprofit world. It’s exciting, rewarding, and never boring!

Want to learn more about Global Smile Foundation? Check out their website!

By Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson