Passionate Perusal: The Nonprofit Approach Week 4

Bentley offers a variety of classes that focus on nonprofits, some of which are required for the nonprofit minor. I have taken both Marketing for Nonprofits (MK 366) and Theory and Management of Nonprofits (MG 365). Governmental and Not-for-Profit Reporting (AC 331) is also offered. These classes are a great way to learn more about the nonprofit industry and they also provide a way to learn more about specific nonprofits and even get involved with some.

In my management class, we looked at a variety of case studies and conducted research on nonprofits. During the semester I did analyses on Father Bills & Mainspring, Pine Street Inn, Second Wind Cottages, and the Ithaca Rescue Mission. All of these nonprofits focus on housing for homeless peoples. The marketing class, too, afforded multiple ways to learn more about specific nonprofits. I evaluated the marketing tactics of City Year, and our class served as a consultants to the Waltham Mills Artist Association. We were able to provide WMAA with a variety of new ideas to market their Open Studios event in order to boost attendance. During the semester I also wrote a research paper on the importance of social media for nonprofits and was able to provide it to a private school in my hometown in order to help their social media prescience.

Want to learn more about these organizations? Check out their websites!

Father Bills & Mainspring

Pine Street Inn

Second Wind Cottages

Ithaca Rescue Mission

City Year

Waltham Mills Artist Association

By Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson