Passionate Perusal: The Nonprofit Approach Week 3

The summer is a great time to grow your nonprofit network and put the skills you are learning at Bentley to use. It can be difficult to find a paid internship at a nonprofit so what I decided to do was work part time for a local software company and spend my extra time interning at the local United Way. I used connections that I had made during high school in order to secure the position. Just about all nonprofits will use all the extra help that they can get so look for something that interests you and reach out.

During my time at United Way I worked on materials for their high school student program, developed marketing materials for the annual Community Care Fund campaign as well as the annual Care Day. In addition, I served on two Community Investment Review Teams. On these teams I helped allocate over $650,000 to local nonprofit agencies. The work I did on the two teams was extremely insightful and educational. I learned to analyze nonprofit’s budgets and identify whether or not the organization was sustainable and if they were using their funds appropriately. I also learned about the vast number of nonprofits that are in my hometown and about the incredible services they provide. It was really cool to see the different ways that they all serve the local population and it was an honor to help provide funds so they could continue their work.

Interested in working with United Way? Check out their website!

By Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson