Be Organized and be in Control.

Many successful career launchers have shared their secret ingredient to having a successful job search, and it’s STAYING ORGANIZED during the job search.

As many students proceed with their internship or full-time job search, they’ll need to continually update their job search information. By organizing a spreadsheet, it will help students stay organized and they won’t miss the opportunity to follow up, send a thank you note, and will have a reminder when an interview is scheduled.

The following tips are a great way to begin getting organized:
• Create an Excel spreadsheet
• List out:
• Company name (where you sent the resume,
• Date you sent your materials
• Company contact information
• Your follow up date
• Response to your application

Hopefully you receive a favorable response to your application you submitted and now it’s time to schedule an interview. In that case, don’t forget to put that date into the spreadsheet and include the interviewer’s name. Lastly, remember to send a thank you note after the interview, of course, right? Once you update your spreadsheet you’ll see it’s a great way to stay organized and know that you completed all steps.

Another tip to having a few more touch points with professionals is staying organized when networking.

Again, a spreadsheet comes in handy!

The networking spreadsheet should list the following:
• Event you attended
• Date you attended the event
• Professionals you met at the event
• Follow up date

Staying organized throughout your job search is essential and falls under Best Practices.

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy