Utilizing Career Services Will Only Help You

Alright Falcons, it’s time to take a good, long, hard look at ourselves! The spring semester is in full swing which means the pressure to find a job/internship and beat out the other 10 applicants, is real. Bentley has given us the unique privilege to be in the care of nationally ranked Career Service Advisors. So what’s the deal, Bentley? They are here for us – so why aren’t we there for them?!

Depending on your major and interests, you are assigned a highly qualified career advisor to be your point person.  From helping you find the internship of your dreams to helping you prepare for interviews, your career advisor is your  best resource  to utilize throughout your career path development and job search.

So, let’s hypothesize together for a moment . . . It’s a month from now and you are still searching for the perfect summer internship to expand your experience so you can land that perfect job after graduation. You haven’t updated your resume or looked on Bentley Link or CareerEdge for new jobs and you haven’t even thought about how to shine in your non-existent interview.

So what do you do? Scramble and pick the first job that gives you a bite back, regardless of the position? Say “Eh, better luck next year” and stay at home for the summer while all your friends are exploring the corporate world and living it up in Boston on the weekends?

If neither of those options sound like something you want to be involved with, then what are you waiting for?! It’s time to get in gear and start (if you haven’t already) the journey of navigating your career path and there is no better place to start than  in the Undergrad Career Services Office. They are the professionals and they have the connections we need to get where we want to be. Not to mention, they love their jobs and they all want to see us Falcons soaring into the future.   So stop by LAC 225, call 781-891-2375 or log onto BentleyLink to get yourself and your job search started – because if you snooze, you will lose!

By Halley McDevitt
Halley McDevitt Halley McDevitt