The Importance of Strong Communication


Most people who apply for jobs as actuaries or mathematicians almost always will tell you that their quantitative reasoning is their greatest intellectual asset. However, if everyone attempts to advertise themselves to employers as having strong quantitative skills then it becomes necessary to find something else to show separation between yourself and other candidates. In the field of actuarial science the most common problem individuals experience is difficulty communicating. There is a strong stereotype in the business world that actuaries aren’t the most outgoing people or eloquent speakers.

Through my internship at XL Group I noticed that the actuaries who were the most successful were also the actuaries who had the best communication skills. So, if you are a quiet actuarial/math student I recommend getting involved in on-campus clubs as they will help you develop better social skills. In addition, communication classes are unusual for actuaries to take; but they can teach you to be proficient at public speaking and writing. These are incredibly useful skills for actuaries and most people who work in a business field.

By Cory Kalin
Cory Kalin