Free Advice Friday: Now is Your Time MICCM Students

To all of my dear MICCM students (Marketing, IDCC, Creative Industries, and Media):

Remember back in the fall when you were wondering when there would be summer internship and full time job positions posted for you? Great news: we made it. Now is your time! With over 200 job and internship postings on BentleyLink for MICCM students, thousands of positions on other sites across the web, and more roles being added by the minute, there is bound to be a perfect fit for you.

Keep your eyes peeled and continue to monitor job postings. In addition, find opportunities to connect with others through networking and informational interviews in fields that are of interest to you. Still trying to figure out exactly what roles are of interest to you? Don’t worry at all – we have the perfect program for that. At the event What can I do with a MK/MG/IDCC/Sales/CR degree? next Wednesday you can meet recent graduates in MICCM related fields across the Boston area and ask them questions to get a feel for whether what they do is what you want to do.

Keep an eye out for other programs and activities taking place around campus and remember: if you’re waiting for the right time, it’s now!

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services Amanda Helfand