Fashion Tips for the Spring Career Fair

If you didn’t already know, the Spring Career Fair is this Wednesday February 11th! This means it’s time to start scouring your closet for the perfect professional outfit. Dressing for the occasion is just one piece of the puzzle to make for a successful career fair. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of tips for what to wear Wednesday!

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  • Wear a suit! This applies to males and females! Ladies can wear a pant or skirt suit. A suit is themost professional attire and the most appropriate attire you could possibly wear to the career fair. Not to mention a suit doesn’t require too much effort to get ready, you just have to add a shirt and you’re all set.
    • Keep it professional! Do not have an untucked or unbuttoned shirt. Men, wear a tie!
  • Stick to neutrals! Wear a black, navy, or gray suit. Bright colors and crazy prints are not appropriate for the career fair whatsoever.
  • Ladies, keep makeup and jewelry to a minimum! Smokey eyes might make your eyes look amazing and your might to make a statement jewelry but this isn’t the time or place for these. Makeup should be subdued with minimal to no eyeshadow and no bright lip colors. Jewelry should be simple like small stud earrings and a watch.
  • Ladies, no sky high heels! Are the fashionable? Absolutely. But you need to be comfortable and look professional. Kitten heels and flats are perfect for the career fair.
  • Ladies, keep your hair out of your face! One of my favorite tips I learned in CDI is to clip your hair back when interviewing or attending career fairs. Even if you don’t have bangs, your hair is still likely to fall in your face or you are prone to playing with your hair. By clipping your hair back you won’t be tempted to touch it and your face won’t be hidden from the professional you are meeting!
  • Men, wear nice shoes! Pairing a suit with Nikes or Converse might have been cool for Prom but you have to wear dress shoes/loafers for the career fair. You can never go wrong with black or brown dress shoes.
  • One final tip – if you would wear it on the weekends, don’t wear it to the career fair! This is a good general guideline to follow when putting together your career fair outfit.

Good luck at the career fair everyone!

Your campus fashionista,


By Brianna Nichols