Free Advice Friday: How do I start my internship or job search?


Last week I hosted an Internship and Job Search Kickoff event in Koumantzelis. Did you miss it? Have no fear! The full video is available in the Virtual Career Center in BentleyLink, and below I have pulled out some specific tips and tricks just for you:

  • First ask yourself the 3 BIG QUESTIONS:
    • What TYPE of internship do you want?
    • What INDUSTRY/ENVIRONMENT do you want to work in?
    • Where GEOGRAPHICALLY do you want/need to work?
  • Next dig into job postings, networking, and direct outreach.
    • Job Postings: BentleyLink is a great resource for Boston area jobs, but you may also want to use NACElink, GoingGlobal, and others!
    • Networking: There are proactive and professional ways to make contacts at companies and in industries that you want to learn more about. These include going to events, joining professional organizations, and reaching out through LinkedIn. In the video, I’ll dive deeper into these strategies.
    • Direct Outreach: Even if an employer doesn’t have positions posted online, they still might have openings! You can make professional (and anonymous) phone calls to learn if this is the case.

If you have obtained an internship or job in the past, I want to hear from you! What tips do you have for students currently looking? Please add your advice in the comments below.

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services