How to Stay Focused on Your Job Search During the Holiday Season

happy holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly AND productive. Between juggling family gatherings, shopping, parties, decorating, baking, and first snow storms of the season, we know it can be difficult to keep your job search as a priority. However, your winter vacation is the perfect opportunity to work towards finding a job after graduation, especially since recruiters start ramping up their search efforts for new graduates like you. Here are three ways to keep your eye on the ball during your winter break and land your dream job before you graduate.

  1. Set aside some time each day. Finding time to work on your job search can be difficult when you already have a list of holiday to-do’s. Getting your gifts ready and baking holiday treats is a must… but it is easy to lose track of time if you aren’t setting aside a few minutes every day for your job hunt. Take at least 30 minutes in the morning or afternoon to research sites like OneWire so you can keep track of new opportunities being posted. After the holidays, set aside longer periods of time to work on your interview prep, resume, or cover letter. Take the extra time to create multiple versions of your resume and cover letters to cater to different opportunities. Working on your job search during the holidays might seem like a drag, but that free time during your winter vacation is key. A little bit every day can go a long way!
  2. Use your busy schedule to your advantage. With all of the events around holiday season, this is a perfect time to put on your best face and meet lots of people! Talk to your family and friends who work in an industry you want to learn more about, and ask them what they like (and dislike!) about their job. Who knows, they may even set you up for a meeting with your next boss, or help get your resume to the right people. Don’t be too pushy about your job search though; the holidays are a time for people to celebrate, including you! If you do meet someone you would like to continue a professional conversation with, ask if they are willing to meet before you go back to school. They will appreciate your consideration of their time as well as your determination.
  3. Stay Energized! Sometimes eating too much turkey and apple pie can leave you unmotivated and exhausted. Everyone deserves a few days after the holidays to relax and replenish. But when January rolls around, make sure you keep invigorated and energized both physically and mentally. If you can’t get outside because of the snow or the cold, try to join a local gym or use one of the numerous YouTube fitness channels to take your workout inside. After all your networking and job searching, you’ll be happy that you look and feel great for all your interviews!

Most of all, don’t forget about what the holiday season is about. Try not to let your job search leave you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, and stick to these three tips. When you do, you will definitely stand out to your possible future employers or interviewers, especially during this busy season. Happy holidays!

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By Katherine Weatherley-White
Katherine Weatherley-White