Stylish U: MG/MK/IDCC Networking Night

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This Wednesday is the annual Management/Marketing/IDCC Networking Night hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Career Services! As a marketing major, I understand the importance and benefits of attending this event! Whether you’ve attended the event before or not, the dress code is something you should think about after you’re done perfecting your elevator pitch.

Networking events like this one differ from the career fair in the type of appropriate attire. Whereas the Career Fair calls for professional attire in the form of full suits, this networking night allows for business casual attire. Business casual attire? What does that mean?

Business casual basically means a suit is not required and ties can be left at home. While it’s your preference to wear a suit or a tie, you can dress a bit more relaxed.

I’ve put together sample outfits for both males and females as a model for what to wear on Wednesday. For women, a nice blouse paired with a structured pencil skirt or dress pants depending on your preference is the best choice. Since the outfit I put together is neutral, maroon suede Mary Jane heels add style to the outfit while still being professional.

Your outfit doesn’t have to be boring! I chose a white blouse with a black bow because the bow adds a fashionable touch. You can also choose a colored blouse and add a long pendant necklace. Another option is a sleeveless blouse under a cardigan or casual blazer.

Men can ditch the full suits and opt for a more relaxed yet professional look. Pairing a white button down shirt under a dark colored v-neck sweater vest looks casual and put together. Simple black dress pants and a pair of loafers finish the outfit. Instead of a v-neck, you can choose a button down cardigan or a suit jacket.

Don’t forget your resume and a maybe even a fancy Bentley University Portfolio to take notes and store business cards! Good luck networking everyone!

By Brianna Nichols
Brianna Nichols Student