Dress for Success: How to Add a Pop of Color for MK/IDCC Majors

Pop of Color

While some majors call for a strict power suit, marketing and IDCC majors allow for some self expression in your style. If you’re working for a creative industry, adding personality to your outfits is a wise choice. These outfits I’ve put together show how to add a pop of pink to your style. In the spirit of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I found styles featuring the color pink. However, this could be done with any color of your choice. I’d suggest a color that isn’t as loud if you’re looking to interview with a more traditional industry. These colors could be cobalt blue, plum, maroon, emerald, etc.

When adding color to your outfit, you can choose to do this in a variety of ways. You could opt for a colorful sheath dress with neutral accessories and shoes. You can also go for a full colored suit from head to toe. If you feel like that’s too much, just pick a colored suit jacket and stick to either black suit pants or skirt. You could make your pop of color even simpler by just adding a colored purse, colored heels, or a colored necklace to an otherwise neutral outfit.

When picking a colorful outfit, it is important to keep your other choices neutral. This means nude or black heels and little to no simple jewelry. Make-up and hair should also be subdued. All of this allows for your outfit to remain professional while maintaining your own personal style. You don’t want your outfit to be too distracting!

Adding a pop of color makes a business professional outfit fun and makes you stand out from the crowd! Remember, outfits like these are perfect and appropriate once you HAVE a job. If you’re interviewing or attending a Career Fair, make sure to stay cautious with a conservative power suit.

Stay stylish, Bentley!

By Brianna Nichols