Study Abroad: Your Career Catalyst- Webinar on 9/16!

The webinar “Study Abroad: Your Career Catalyst” will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16th at 4:30 p.m. ET!

Think study abroad is just for fun? Think again! Study abroad is an integral part of your personal and professional plan. In this virtual information session, Diversity Abroad and IES Abroad will help you understand how to incorporate an international experience in a way that benefits your career. Many employers see study abroad as a valuable component to the undergraduate experience and some studies have even shown that students who have studied abroad secure their first jobs faster than those who don’t. Not only we will discuss how to pick the right program for your career, but we will also discuss internships abroad, how to incorporate study abroad into your resume, how to build skills while abroad, and more.

So join the conversation on Tuesday September 16th—your career depends on it!


By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant Julia Paradis