Tips from Fidelity Investments!

Fidelity has opportunities across business disciplines and will be engaging Bentley students to discuss opportunities in the following areas during the fall semester:

What tips do you have for students to stand out at the Career Fair on October 1? Career fairs are a great opportunity for students to explore prospective careers, network, and learn about internship opportunities. Many students may fret over if they have enough resumes with them or they are dressed to impress. Before you begin to stress about some of the smaller things, remember one key fact: a career fair is not just about landing a job or securing an internship, it is most importantly an opportunity to see if a company is a good fit for you along with the unique skills, talents, and experience that you have to offer.


Here are 5 helpful tips for your next career fair visit:

I. Your Time is Valuable With the stress of classes, clubs, and everything else that comes along with being in college, time is a precious commodity. Instead of showing up to the career fair and visiting every table you possibly can, while collecting stacks of job descriptions and promotional giveaways, take a look at who will be visiting the fair before you attend. If you are unsure who will be present, Bentley Career Services is a great place to start. When you browse the attendee list, target the employers you have interest in and do some research! Conducting some brief research will allow you to acquire a brief understanding of the firm, which will be very helpful when you are deciding how to allot your time at the fair. (Quick Fidelity Fact: Fidelity is a leading financial services company but is also dedicated to innovation and technology. So much so, Fidelity invests $2.3 billion annually in technology. Learn more here.)


II. Get Cultured Ask about the culture of a firm when meeting with a recruiter or representative. You will find that the corporate culture at a firm can be a differentiator between firms in the same industry. Also, harkening to our first tip, do some research on the firms’ culture and values. For example, Fidelity is proud to be a private firm with opportunities across various business functions, but we also pride ourselves on the values which are embedded in the dynamic work culture that Fidelity offers. Additionally, learning about a firm’s culture is an excellent way to begin to answer the question, “Is this firm right for me?” (Quick Fact: Fidelity was founded in 1946 and has been owned by the Johnson family since its inception. Our private status and the fact that we are family owned, differentiates us among our industry peers. Learn more here.)


III. Leave Your Mark The representative will speak to dozens of students interested in their firm over the course of just a few hours. Therefore, stick out by discussing something unique or ask specific questions that show that you have done your research. For example, instead of asking, “What types of jobs do you have?” ask something specific such as, “Can you tell me more about your Inside Sales internship?” (Quick Fact: Fidelity Financial Advisor Solutions (FFAS) accounts for 2.8% of Fidelity’s employee population but 23% of the firm’s overall assets. Learn more about opportunities with FFAS here.)


IV. Don’t Get Discouraged! Although companies offer certain development programs that are tailored for specific majors, do not get discouraged if they do not offer one that directly aligns with your field of study, as you may be surprised by the type of talent that a firm recruits for. In fact, Fidelity has several programs including our Financial Services Center that looks for talent from all different majors. Before you get discouraged and walk away from the booth, ask the recruiter what opportunities the firm may have for you. (Learn more about undergraduate opportunities here.)


V. The fair is over but your work isn’t! There’s actually a good chance that employers are looking to meet with you outside of the chaos of a university wide career fair. They may be presenting to a student organization, conducting mock interviews, or even visiting your classroom. The career services office is a great place to start, but Fidelity also encourages you to take a look at when we will be on campus using our events calendar. The calendar allows you to input your email, major, and even upload your resume to notify us ahead of time that we will be meeting you at the event. Also, don’t forget that we may have posted jobs that are of interest on the Bentley Careers Site or our careers page.


What other events can students meet representatives from your company? Fidelity is excited to meet Bentley students at the following events throughout the fall semester. Come visit us and see if a career at Fidelity would be right for you:

  • CIS, Math, & Actuarial Student Networking Night on September 29th 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Accounting & Finance Networking Night on October 2nd 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • CIS Panel on October 29th 5:00pm-6:00pm

What would you like Bentley students to know about your company? At Fidelity, we are focused on making our financial expertise broadly accessible and effective in helping people live the lives they want— from the 23 million people investing their life savings, to the 20,000 businesses managing their employee benefits programs, to the 10,000 advisors and institutions needing innovative technology solutions to invest their clients’ money. To do this well, as a privately held company, we place a high degree of value in nurturing a work environment that attracts the best talent and reflects our commitment to being an employer of choice. For more information about careers with Fidelity Investments, visit Quick Facts:

  • Privately held financial services company with over $1 trillion Assets Under Administration
  • The nation’s #1 provider of 401k retirement plans
  • Located in 28 countries
  • Employ over 41,000 people
  • Employed over 800 interns during the summer of 2014
  • Offer both graduate and undergraduate programs in a multitude of disciplines
By Fidelity College Relations
Fidelity College Relations