The Leadership Project – May 30-31, 2014 – Quincy, MA

Time to unleash all that potential.

You’re going to lead a company. Launch a company. Leave your mark. Make an
impact. Make millions. Make it as you go. Take a risk. Take a swing. Take on
the world’s biggest challenges—and win.

No matter what your future may hold. The Leadership Project gets you ready for
it. It’s a boots on the ground leadership and career accelerator designed to get
young people, ages 20-27, ready for leadership roles faster than ever before.

Whether you want to lead a major company or launch your own, what you
experience during The Leadership Project won’t just get you ahead—it will
absolutely set you apart.

Fortune 500 Execs.Non-Profit Superstars. And You.

The Leadership Project is an immersive program that accelerates your leadership
potential and fast tracks your career.Over the course of’ two days,you will:

• Sit side by side with the world’s top leaders and thinkers—the superstars
of’ the political,nonprofit,and corporate worlds.You’ll get frank answers
and unprecedented insights into everything they wish they had known
when they were first starting out.

• Learn from a team of world class coaches, mentors and supporters who’ll
give you personalized attention, support, and coaching on leadership
topics like team-building, collaboration, communication,s trategic thinking,
and innovation.

• Master the mindsets top players spend years getting right.You’ll learn
how to build powerful personal networks,breakthrough barriers,and
develop your own distinct leadership presence.

• Kick off your personal 90-day leadership challenge and discover exactly
what you’re capable of’ achieving. Most people spend years climbing the
corporate ladder, waiting to be’“picked”for bigger and better things. We’ll
show you how to skip that and start making your own opportunities.

So who’ll be there? An all star cast of business leaders, mentors, and coaches, including…

Jamil Mahuad, Harvard Law Professor & Former President of Ecuador
Betsey Myers,Founding Director Women &Business at Bentley University
Lisa Fenn, Six time Emmy winning feature producer for ESPN
Greg Zlevor ,President of Westwood International

Christine Burych, President Starlingbrook Corp.
Dina David, Senior Manager, Programs at The Executive Roundtable Inc.
Jay Ferraro, Co-founder and Senior Partner at Mastery Technologies
Curt Cronin, Expert on Peak Performance & Former Navy SEAL
Marlene Lepkoski, Head of Regulatory Quality Management, Johnson&Johnson
Tim Kavanagh, Business Development Manager Champlain College
Chris Harvey ,Screening Director–My Life is a Movie
Cara Gould, Executive Director–Camp Harbor View
Torli Krua, Founder YOUNG Africa
Tyler Kellogg, Creative Mind at Tyler Do Good
We’re inviting 75 promising young leaders to join us—and
you’re one of them.

MAY 30&31,2014
This program is open to high potential young leaders ages 20-27. Space is
limited to 75 participants and will fill up quickly ,so reserve your spot today.

Bentley young leader discount:$95
Type in YOUNGLEADER3 at checkout

Camp Harbor View
One Moon Island Road
Quincy,MA 02171

BestWestern–Adams Inn
29 Hancock St
Quincy,MA 02171

Comfort Inn–Boston
900 William T Morrissey Blvd

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By Janet Kenney
Janet Kenney Assistant Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center, Employer Relations & Recruiting