Behind the Scenes: Recruiting Insights

Most of our posts so far this year have been about interview preparation and the job search. Hopefully our advice has helped and most of you are well on your way to landing full-time and internship offers, if you haven’t received some already.

Getting an offer is always exciting, but offer etiquette is not always as straightforward as one might think. We thought we’d address some common mistakes and provide some quick tips about job offers and how to best interact with employers.

1. Check your email address and keep it consistent

That is, make sure you use the same email address on your application, resume, etc. The last thing you want is a potential employer sending you an offer to the Gmail account you never check. Offers generally have a deadline; don’t miss out on an opportunity because you’ve been checking the wrong email. Trust us, it’s happened.

2. If you don’t receive your offer letter when expected, contact the recruiter

This goes along with the first tip. If you’re expecting an offer letter via email or direct mail and it doesn’t come, there could be an issue with your email or mail address. Whether this is the case or it’s just a delay in the process, it’s best to directly contact the recruiter to ensure that your contact information is correct.

3. Practice professional phone etiquette

Make sure your voicemail is somewhat professional and, more importantly, make sure it’s not full. Don’t miss out on an important call because you forgot to delete those old messages. Also, if an employer is calling you and you’re not in a situation fit for a conversation, don’t pick it up. It’s best to call back when you can easily have a conversation and are free of distractions.

4. Respond to employers in a timely fashion

Even if you’re no longer interested in the position, don’t leave an employer hanging. If you get a call or an email, make sure to respond. If the job is not what you’re looking for, it’s best to let them know so they can move on and find someone else.

5. Finally, if you’re having trouble deciding whether to accept or reject an offer, drop in to Career Services for some advice.

The career advisors can help guide you into making the right choice for you and your career aspirations. They have walk-in hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2pm to 4pm and you always have the option to make an appointment.


This obviously does not address all of the issues that can come up when interacting with employers or receiving offers. If you find yourself having questions about offers, how to contact employers, or what to say, drop in to Career Services. The career advisors are always a big help and can point you in the right direction.

By Kaylee Ruel
Kaylee Ruel Kaylee Ruel