Big Data Scholarship deadline is TOMORROW!

How does big data affect your student life?

Do you know big data changed Google’s hiring process? Following the trend other companies have changed their job candidate screening process too.  So, it’s time for academia to innovate scholarships offering process and keep up with the recruitment process. An action research on higher education started at Harvard, turned into an organization – have teamed with a global marketing company Epsilon [ ], to discover next generation talent, specifically those students who are interested in the potential of big data and are looking for unique opportunities to use it in the work place.

This scholarship opportunity is unique because it is not only about winning a monetary reward but also about making a connection to a billion-dollar company for job recruitment—career guidance and insights first hand from Epsilon human resources and recruitment managers. The non-monetary reward that Epsilon is offering for Nakoo scholars is priceless.
Big Data Updated

By Madalyn Mula
Madalyn Mula Recruiting/Employer Relations Coordinator