Summer Opportunities at the MA Life Sciences Center

Don’t miss this chance to learn about the exciting summer opportunities available through the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

Interested in launching a career in the healthcare field? Interested in Psychology?  Bentley University offers a host of majors to prepare you for this fast-growing industry.


The Health and Industry major covers: issues of human biology, psychology, health and disease that affect personal development, health and wellness.

It is excellent preparation for careers in biopharmaceutical development, health care product or service marketing, health plan or benefit administration, and management of health care providers and institutions. Learn more about this major and our curriculum on our site!

The Bachelor of Arts Health Studies offers curriculum to give you a solid understanding of the basics of human health and disease and how institutions that deliver or support health care function. You will have your pick of positions in fields ranging from biotechnology to health care policy to public health. The Health Studies major is an innovative program that integrates the Natural and Applied Sciences health and psychology curricula with our core programs in business

In case you have more questions with regard to these majors and the curricula, please refer to the Advising Directory.


By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant Julia Paradis